Jeweled Fragments: A Collection of Short Stories by Ron Vick Sr.

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There are various reasons why people attempt to escape reality, whether it is pain and suffering or feeling trapped in their lives. This collection of short stories, written by a new author and presented here for your reading pleasure, will transport you to other realms and let you escape, however briefly, to another place. What can you expect on your journey through this book? Dreams of Reality is a semi-modern sword and sorcery story with elements of an alternate universe theme. For Love of Humanity Not has the flavor of Battlestar Galactica and cyborgs with attitude. The interdimensional Library story is, well, interdimensional… read it and you will understand. The Iridium Incident offers you a look into a first contact scenario and an underappreciated hero with morals. Terran Insurrection gives us a look at humanity s recovery from a nearly apocalyptic future with another first contact scenario, but with less than friendly aliens. Strange New Beginnings was the first story the author wrote when he decided to see what kind of writer he could be. Somewhere in the back of his mind, with apologies to Captain Pike and the crew from Star Trek TOS, it has similarities to the episode Menagerie.

Jeweled Fragments: A Collection of Short StoriesĀ is the third book in the Kloefkorn Series published by the WSC Press.

Jeweled Fragments: A Collection of Short Stories
Ron Vick Sr.
Perfect Paperback: 144 pages
WSC Press; 1st edition (April 1, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0982382813