Roadside Prophet by Grizz McIntosh

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From the author: “Roadside Prophet is a chronicle of road trips, mind trips and cross-country mayhem. The great thing about roads is potential. The street right outside your house can ultimately take you to the Arctic Circle or the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego. It’s all connected by roads. As different as we all are, we’re all connected even if it’s only by the streets and highways that bind us together.”

“Grizz McIntosh is a joy to read. He writes from an America that I salute, a place at once beyond some far meridian and close as the next barstool. These poems are filled with insistent moons, monuments to Crazy Horse and the ‘desperate steps’ of the Cheyenne, ‘rural routes’ and ‘raging slabs,’ fake cowboys and real Indians, ‘road scholars’ and ‘roadside prophets.’ He’s a poet who catches the mystery of frontiers in this present between ‘highpowered eisenhower sex drive’ and a ‘future that has room/for the unexplained/and inexplicable.’ And he does this in series of almighty riffs that come to my ear with both energy and grace. McIntosh rolls up on a poem like a styling man his Saturday night.”

—JV Brummels, author of City at War

Grizz McIntosh loves books but hates literature. He enjoys playing the bass guitar, geocaching and serving as a corrupting influence on his nieces and nephews. Grizz is a graduate of Wayne State College. He lives in Wayne, Neb., with his wife. Grizz has two previous self-published chapbooks: 2000’s Asphalt, Moon Rocks and Snake Oil and 2001’s Forty Miles of Bad Road. For some reason, he really likes Guinness, sporks and new socks.

Roadside Prophet is the second book in the Kloefkorn Series published by the WSC Press.

Roadside Prophet
Grizz McIntosh
Perfect Paperback: 50 pages
WSC Press (April 7, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0982382806