Fiction Slam Winners!
Spring 2023


April 27, 2023

Winners of the Spring 2023 Fiction Slam (from left to right): Miles Nelson(1st place), Abbey Larson (2nd place), Olivia Wright (3rd place), CJ Bates (4th place).

Judges: Chris Harding Thornton, Jake Stewart, and Hailey Brooks
Slam Emcee: Vito Cole
Tabulators: Chad Christensen & Dave Mainelli
Slam Master: Olivia Wright
Slam Master’s Assistant: Lauren Seger, Makenna Frank, Reagan Hudson
Musical Guest: Dave Mainelli
Sacrificial Goat: Reagan Hudson

Competitors: Claire Thompson, Indie Hupp, Mercedes Holmes, Victor Duarte, CJ Bates, Miles Nelson, Olivia Wright, Raschell Ping, Taylor Boyle, Dayton Vanosdall, Haileigh Moutray, Alex Retzlaff, & Abbey Larson