Fiction Slam: The Great Rebirth! Spring 2019


April 25, 2019

Congrats to our Fiction Slam Rebirth winners! Meena Dalal (3rd place), Vito Cole (1st place), Tana Buoy (2nd place), and Bill Tindle (4th place). Special thanks to all the readers and supporters!

Judges: Mikala Farrier, Jared Schultz, and Theodore Wheeler
Tabulators: Stephanie Marcellus and Chad Christensen
Slam Master: Christina Coffman
Slam master’s Assistant: Katie Flower
Sacrificial Goat: Elijah Herrington

Contestants: Katie Flower, Myah Gibney, Natasha White, Alex Retzlaff, Christel Wiggan, Vito Cole, Gabriel Malfileno, Tana Buoy, Rush Boehm, Robert Vaughn, Andrew Clegg, Meena Dalal, Keaton Harpham, and Bill Tindle.