Poetry Slam 41 winners! Spring 2019

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Poetry Slam 41 winners! Spring 2019

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Congrats to our Poetry Slam 41 winners! 2nd place: Hurdle Papi, 4th place: Gopal Chitaure, 3rd place: Katie Flower, and 1st place: Taylor Penn!

Contestants: Miguel Barajas, Hurdle Papi, Gopal Chitaure, Dante Brooks, Abraham Montulver, Taylor Penn, Elijah Herrington, Scott Tarmick, Katie Flower, Shanae Baker, Bri Hupp, Sarah Harder, Christel Wiggan, Ezra Jude, and Jamie Janousek.

Slam Master: Christina Coffman
Slam Master’s Assistant: Katie Flower
Slam Judges: Todd Robinson, Heidi Hermanson, and Miles Waggener
Tabulators: Chad Christensen and Stephanie Marcellus
Emcee: Eddie Elfers
Sacrificial Goat: Andrew Klegg
Artwork by Sharon Cole